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Bellaire city council: position 5

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While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.

Ronald Reagan

Driving Bellaire in the Right Direction


​ ​​​​​-Michael Fife is working to facilitate development of Bellaire's downtown with appealing, profitable businesses that residents will want to patronize

-She will give a voice to her neighbor's concerns by working with citizens and Council to find innovative ways to increase citizen input and involvement. Michael is committed to working with  Citizens For A Beautiful Bellaire and Council to improve and enhance Bellaire's image 

-CHAMPION our First Responders! Michael's first priority is the safety of Bellaire families and community members. Bellaire Police, Fire and Municipal Courts have EARNED our STRONG support!

-Michael supports strengthening Bellaire's core through fiscal responsibility

-An advocate for infrastructure and disaster planning, Michael understands the constant challenge that is repair and improvement of Bellaire streets. She is committed to being a leader in planning and preparing for disasters like Hurricanes, as well as, exploring innovative ways to educate and assist our citizens

 with neighborhood and household disaster readiness